The Next Generation of Drum Machine / Groovebox

Patent Pending

BeatSticks = Fast Beat Creation and Tweaking

Instant jamming – Crossfade Tones+++

BEATWARP uses digital and analog joysticks to reinvent the electronic music creation method

Fun to use, fast, immediate! You will get different results with this innovative UI



  • 8 BAR (128 step) Sequencer
  • 4 Digital Joysticks for Unique Patent Pending Sequencing Experience
  • 1 Analog Joystick for Step Parameter setting and more
  • Innofader Crossfader to fade between 2 sound-kits and more coming
  • 4 Unique “Wheel” encoders to control various aspects:
    • WARP: Mutate the beat in real-time
    • BAR: navigate bars or (+SHIFT) add/subtract bars
    • X: Context Sensitive
    • Y: Context Sensitive
  • 1 Digital Joystick for Instrument Selection
  • 1 Digital Joystick for Menu Control etc.
  • 8 internal sound tracks
    • Sample player based and/or
    • Synth based
  • 8 Midi tracks
  • Note/Scale mode – use 4 Digital Joysticks for scales and strum chords
  • Random button to randomize whole tracks or partial areas
  • 2 sets of MIDI in/out…one set DIN, one set TRS
  • 6 diagonal sliders for sound design control, fx, and more
  • Full color screen
  • Mechanical Keys for that satisfying clickity, tactile feedback