Vaughan Risher


Vaughan Risher is a musician, designer, programmer, photographer, and technologist specializing in music and entertainment. His specialty is taking new ideas, products, or bands and taking them to the next level. Throughout his varied career he has launched a web development business working with celebrity clientele, launched nutrition products that have sold millions of dollars globally, created Long Beach’s top music photography brand, wrote award winning screenplays, started a popular open mic night, and designed and launched a NY Times best selling book. He is also an artist in his own right, taking after his father, the acclaimed architect, artist, and professor, Christopher Risher Jr., and has been featured in exhibits in London and Los Angeles. His experience in the music industry includes writing music, concert and festival photography, video production, sound production, and landing deals with his clients with major music festivals and films. He currently designs technology for the music industry.

Joel Reinke


Joel is an music industry veteran with over 30 years of experience in performance and technical musical design and production. His work has resulted in $100’s of millions in revenue, ticket sales, and subscription based income as direct result of web apps, inventions, and development on his projects for Fortune 500 companies. As a musician and engineer, he has worked on a wide range of projects from playing with a variety of national touring acts, to innovating and experimenting with various production tools like guitar pedals and synths.  He has 24 years of programming experience in a broad range of languages, as well as experience in the hardware field making music devices that address specific performance needs. His most recent exploration took him into the Eurorack inspired DIY surge in the synth world working with microcontrollers, analog components, and FPGAs. His hands on expertise brings it all together, allowing music creators to explore new territory with hardware that doesn’t just recreate old synths, but allows for the development of completely new technologies and tools for creative music expression.

* Inventor of new synthesis methods for digital, analog, and hybrid synths

* Foremost developer for Launchpad Pro custom firmware (enables true music expression devices, not just Ableton Live controllers)
* Web development in Music, Animation, 3D, and experimental UI/UX
* Designed web-based systems running a 28-foot interactive touchscreen wall 
* Worked with XBOX Kinnect on 3D web projects
* Extensive explorations into new possibilities for MIDI